Smart event ticketing solution - Keyvent

  • Intuitive handling
  • No contractual binding
  • Social features

How it works

Create your event

Make your event special by giving it a rich description with attractive graphics and embedded videos to convince your future guests.

Create your tickets

You have the option to sell conventional paper tickets or e-tickets. You can create as many different ticket types as you like (VIP, Early Bird, etc.) and set the price and available quantity for each one separately.

Create employee accounts

Create employee accounts for your doormen. This will enable them to scan e-tickets at the entrance of your event using our Keyvent Scan App.

Launch your Event!

After your event has been launched, we will share it on all of our own and on third party marketing channels. That’s how we reach the target audience.

All facts at a glance!

Always keep track of sold tickets, revenue and the number of e-tickets scans. Our dashboard features rich graphs and analytics data.


By default we will pay out your earnings within 2 weeks after your event has ended. Feel free to contact us for an individual payout schedule.

Your benefits

Benefit from the community

Our community is growing rapidly. We encourage community interaction by providing informative and attractive content.

No contractual binding

We do not use adhesion contracts to tie up our partners or to increase customer retention - that's not how we do business. We want to convince you with transparency and good service.


To be visible in the visitor's search results one needs to follow certain rules. We reach for the highest ranks by building responsive, search engine optimized and user-friendly web pages.


Every event is promoted on-page and on social media. Paid & display ads can be booked separately. Further, we are sending a weekly newsletter.

Intuitive event creation

Our event creation process is self-explanatory. Use individual and rich content like images and videos to perfectly describe your event.

Free Scan-App

Use our Scan App to scan e-tickets at the entrace of your event. The app works on any Android and iOS smartphone and is free of charge.


Get KPI insights and measure your performance to better understand the behaviour of your customers.


Let photographers upload galleries to share amazing moments from past events. These pictures can be liked, commented and shared by your followers.

Keyvent Ticket Scan App

Get rid of complicated scanning systems. Create doorman profiles and turn any smartphone into a scanning device. Quick and easy!

Our pricing

Choose between our standard and individual enterprise pricing options.


4.9% + 0.49€
(of the ticket price)

  • Transaction fees included
    (PayPal, Credit Card, etc.)

  • No monthly charge

  • No hidden costs

  • No contractual binding


Let's get in touch

Keyvent offers tailored rates based on your volume and ticket pricing. Feel free to contact our sales team for an individual offer.

Contact Sales

Custom Seating

For those events when you need ultimate control and professionalism, upgrade for customized seating along with everything in the Standard package for 4.9% + 0.99€ of the ticket price. Feel free to contact us in order to use this feature.